Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali and my new plans...

First of all I Wish everyone a happy diwali!!!!

Some people keep asking whats the reason behind all these festivals apart from a big story behind it...Somehow I believe every festival in India has a specific scientific reason behind it...Yes Diwali also has it..
"Looking at the Deepavali festival from the scientific point of view, it should be noted that at one time in the distant past, our ancestors lived in the Arctic region (the polar region). In this region, darkness prevailed for six months. The sun appears on Mesha Sankranti day (the sun entering the Aries sign of Zodiac). The sun sets in this region on Tula Sankranti day (when the sun enters Libra). In the movement between these two signs, there is an interval of six months. After the sun sets in Libra, the dark half-year starts. Today is the fourteenth day (Chaturdashi) in the month of Kartik. It is the New Moon day (Amaavaasya). This month is called Kaumudi. The people in the polar region used to start lighting their lamps from this day. The lighting of the lamp is not without significance, as they would be in darkness for a long period. They described the lamp that was lit as "Nitya-jyoti" (the perennial)."

Ok. I felt that nothing interesting or unique was happening in my life to share it with others..I always had/have this desire of more intersting stuffs to happen in my life which others find it really attractive that they talk about with much appreciation...And i found the solution for this would be my action towards my passion(mba) without any further delays..Ofcourse the results can't be seen immediately tomorrow..only 'time' has the answer for it..After pondering upon my thoughts for a much long time, I decided I have to do a MBA in one of the IIM's and not outside India(whatever the heck reason for it)..Now that am into this IT field, there is no other choice apart from this..So, I cant say 'i will try to get into one of the IIMs', rather, I have to say 'I will get into one of the IIMs'....So am going to start my preparations from today and document briefly every step that will help me in advancing towards my place in one of the IIM's (be it be solving maths, english stuffs, forums, reading a book or even watching a movie which somehow helped me in my path towards IIM :-) )..
ok so here is the plan..everyday from today (October 18th 2009) till same day next year(2010), I would be answering the below questions to keep track of what am doing
How much time spent on
(1) MBA Forums
(2) Maths preparation(CAT books)
(3) English preparation(CAT books)
(4) TV
(5) Guitar
(6) Gym
(7) Office Stuff(technical)
(8) Any Book (and name the book)
(9) Blog
(10) Other non MBA stuff(mention)
(11) Other MBA Stuff(mention)
(12) Nonsense stuff

Irrespective of if I do the above stuffs or not, the above details will be logged in the blog everyday 11:00 PM IST..Apart from that other blogs if any will go in seperately...

Lets see how my Life plan from now looks like
am 26-27 years old
STEP1: one year CAT preparation - 27-28
STEP2: two years MBA in IIM - 29-30
STEP3: 5 years of consulting or travel Job - 34-35

Rest of the plan after successfully completing the first step in the above plan :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mood Swings !!!

Dont know why but in the recent past i witnessed lot of mood swings and also seen my thoughts or plans dancing and attaining disparate forms every fortnight...though everything happened for good, still am searching reasons for these happenings...
It all started with one fine day in US. I was checking out my mails like every other day and something inside asked me to come back to India and I obeyed it...then followed by me postponing my MBA plans (my dismal GMAT score of 640 may be a other reason here)..though the MBA plan is still on I had to put a semicolon for a while still not sure about the exact reason though..later i witnessed many of my friends from wharton, kellogs and from other Bschools still hunting for jobs after their graduation -> this makes me think sometimes, my decision to postpone MBA was good atleast for the time being.. though i dont want to take this as a excuse for my dismal 640 in gmat, still i believe in the concept of 'everything happens for good'..lets wait and see what ive got...
now again all of a sudden i got the US craze..yes i want to go back to US for work...maybe thats becoz of the sick unprofessional work culture in India...yes i feel working in my bangalore office is like sitting in a fish market and doing my software coding stuff...nothing offensive..i feel our indian software industry for whatever reasons have recruited every possible person - the final result -> 10% of the company sweating it out to keep the work and the company running and the rest using the company as a coffee shop..that's my feeling...
maybe other reason for my US urge maybe listening to more of my fav rock bands and relating my life with the videos and lyrics of every song :-) ..recent courtesy 'Coldplay'.
Don't worry about the post..Its like just random ramblings...I've just written down whatever that hit my mind..