Sunday, January 10, 2010

What do i do?

Wishing you all a happy new year. Wishing everyone including me :-) for their dream to come true this year.

Regarding my previous blog plan.As usual this plan busted as well. not that this plan was a flop without any actions taken on it. This just didnt seem to be what I wanted. thats it. I know am going to be sitting and studying in my dream B-School someday. but when and how am going to make that - am really not aware of. am a strong believer of CANI - Continous and Never Ending Inprovement - 'Kaizen' as the Japanese call it. there is something in my mind which always says this is the stuff you have to believe in. for that I need to take control of my mind somehow and not let my mind control me. am just smiling thinking who instructed the previous statement to be written..anyway one of the option is pranayama (deep breathing) and books..lets wait and see..

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