Monday, September 28, 2009

Ok !! Reason for Blog

Hey Everybody!!
As everyone starts of with, let me give some reasons why this blog is started. Hmm..Still thinking what ideally should go in here, since Ive got plenty of things to write it down..Anyways, with the information about me taking its place in ' about me' section, only the reasons goes in here... and here they are..With all possible stuff happening around me I wanted a place to vent out all my feelings and daily happenings..And I found no better place than this blogospace to document all...It might well be about inconsequential rantings about my everyday happenings to some really productive stuffs like 'How to play a guitar' :-)...ok lets start here...happy to be part of the blogging community..Hope am not one among the million people who write of their first blog and disapper forever :-)...Ciao soon...

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