Friday, May 21, 2010

Is it getting tougher every day

My one week comprehensive plan to attack CR, SC(95 % accuracy) and RC (attain consistency) was completed yesterday. What I should really say is its getting tougher day by day. I also started to fall in love with my GMAT (Only way to give your 100%) though I realized it little late. yeah i know better late than never :-).

Am totally out of touch with Quants since the focus is completely on verbal to maximize my score there. The reasons being, me basically strong in quants and week in verbal grammar. I hope the prep has given advantage in verbal. This would be proved tommorrow since am planning to take a GMAT prep(after so much deliberation).

Plan for next week would be laid out today evening. Again the focus would be on verbal trying to solve more complex questions. Maybe Kaplan 800 would help me here. Lets wait and watch.

Yeah and BTW I have this long shot picture of a student reading a book under a tree in NorthWestern University with student communities bicycle in the background. It really helps me when my mind tries to loose focus :-)


  1. hey...i simply liked the story or progress of ur gmat prep.
    actually getting curious of ur gmatprep score :)

    gud luck

  2. @Noor Vaishnav: Thanks :) even me waiting for the test with fingers crossed. will update my results here upon completion.