Friday, May 28, 2010

whats troubling me?

Today Ive been having this sick feeling which keeps returning back, irrespective of whatever i do to get rid of it. but whats troubling me? - have no idea. thought a movie would make me better. but i don't think that also did its job. Result - fell short of my study plan for today, no gym(ended up just working abs in home), no proper food. I guess I should go back to sleep soon to make a better tomorrow.
Also, I had this nice 'high profile plan' for the week(from last Monday till coming Monday) to boost up CR, RC and SC success rates. The plan includes some assignments from kap800 and LSAT. But today being Friday and if i see the progress, I goto my mirror and start shouting/laughing at me. I have hardly covered 50% of the plan.
Also, unlike others(i guess) I study more on weekdays rather on weekends. Because I loose 4-5 hours each day on weekend in playing and tiredness as a result of it. So dont know how much of the plan would be covered. Anyway lets see how it goes till Monday, because I have my much awaited GMAT prep coming on Tuesday - yes June 1st - start of the month. fingers crossed.
Ah and yes not yet completed my 'Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program application'. Have to spend sometime tomorrow to complete the same. Cant drag it till the last day.

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