Monday, May 10, 2010

Progress Till now

Day 1(April 26):

· Started with Princeton Review ‘Manual for the GMAT’ Completed till assignment 3

· Planning to complete the book tomorrow

Day 2(April 27):

· Princeton Review ‘Manual for the GMAT’ Completed till assignment 5

· I know its slow progress. Will complete the verbal tomorrow

· POWER PREP test – got 600. Analyzed the wrong answers

Day 3(April 28):

· Princeton Review ‘Manual for the GMAT’ completed all the assignments and the lessons related to verbal

· Worked 14 questions from Verbal Set 1 from system

· Worked 60 SC questions from OG11

Day 4(April 29):

· Completed remaining questions from Verbal Set1 and analyzed

· Completed Verbal Set 2 and analyzed

· Completed 12 questions from Verbal Set3

Day 5(April 30):

· Completed Verbal Set 4 and analyzed

May 01 and 02 – Break for my cousin’s marriage

Day 6(May 03):

· Worked out 21 questions from Verbal Set 5 – yet to analyze

· Planning to complete CR bible tomorrow since many answers go wrong in CR

· Also tired after the Marriage trip, so will sleep in sometime.

Day 7(May 04):

· Started with CR bible

· Great book with great information

· Completed some 85 pages

Day 8(May 05):

· Progressing with CR bible

· Am sure of CR performance improvement upon completion of this book – fingers crossed

· Completed 171 pages in this book

Day 9(May 06):

· Still progressing with CR bible (I know it’s very slow)

· I will be leaving to my Friends marriage tonight. Will ramp up the preps after coming back from it

· Completed till 234 pages (Assumption Questions – yet to be analyzed)

· Also planning to blog all the information – Larger audience (more brains more ideas)

May 07 and 08 – Break for my best friend’s marriage (Yeah I know 2 weeks two marriage :-), but cant afford to miss both )

Day 10(May 09):

· Completed the CR bible – Excellent book. Am sure it will help me see an improved CR score.

· Planning to start of with one GMAT prep test tomorrow, to see where I stand with ten days of preparation passing by. All I would need is concentration and focus to crack the test. God give me the power.

· Ok. One glance on the CR bible notes and am heading to bed.

Day 11(May 10):

· CR bible did help in the CR section.

· Worked on Verbal set 5 and 6 – analyzed.

· Don’t know why but scared to take the full length. I have to do it tomorrow for sure.

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