Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7 days to go!!!

Ok here it comes...I have only 7 more days for my D-Day...am already feeling bored with my preps :)...I just keep myself motivated by reading success stories from forums, blogs etc...

I recently took a Kaplan test and was shocked to see 6 SC mistakes..I know its a wrong time to witness so many mistakes but most were careless though...hope I dont do this on the D-Day...God help me here...I realized that more than your 'hard work', 'Luck' plays an important role...Hard work was from my part and I guess I have given justice to that...so hope i have my luck with me on the D-Day...but history witnesses myself being an unlucky guy :(...God help me here as well :)...

Also, I have not started with AWA...so this week would be spent on taking few tests, working on AWA essay formats and practice them, analyzing few quants concepts, glancing through the flash cards and more importantly relaxing(Couple of Lionel Messi's matches would help me here)...

On Sunday am planning to visit my GMAT test center with my Friend...Also, planned to go for a movie just to relax...and have listed out few things to buy before the D-Day...one of them will be Gatorade just to keep me charged up on the test day...ok thats it for now...Will keep you all posted with the result...Fingers crossed...


  1. Best luck for tomorrow mate!Do update us :)

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