Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yep that's right. I have scheduled my GMAT for July 7th.

The recent Princeton test gave me a 670 with M(47) and V(36). I was pondering over 'what could be the reason for a drop in the score from my GMAT prep 720(a week back) to Princeton 670'.

Couple of reasons I could think of,
(1) Princeton not reflecting the exact scoring standard as that of GMAT prep
(2) me sometimes loosing focus from the GMAT - result - not 100% goes in my preparation.

However, I know the first point above is just a lame excuse for a low score. The real reason may also be that my preparations trying to kick the bucket without any target in mind. So, just as few of my fellow blogger's have done I also decided to have a D-day. I like to live my life a quarter mile at a time :-). So till my D-day everything on my way that affects my GMAT prep routine would be sacrificed for(Few exceptions though).

With July 7th being the D-day, I would have 21 days(3 weeks) solid from today (Two days taken of the actual count of days - reason later). I would sit and carve out a comprehensive plan that would cover till the 'last but one' day.

Also, only thing I would try to guarantee is 100% of my efforts goes in and don't worry about the result whatever i might be. However, am still visualizing myself getting a 740 :-)

and yeah once GMAT is taken, I could watch some of Argentina's and Messi's matches without anything on back of my mind.


  1. @aimingformba - Thanks!! BTW you are one of the fellow blogger's i had mentioned about in my post..

  2. Hey My GMAT is also scheduled for JULY 7.

    best of luck for both of us.


  3. @Anonymous - ah ah..thats great..thanks and wish you all the best..maybe mail me with your prep updates...just on part of mutual motivation :-)

  4. hey good..Mine is on 2nd of Aug.So I can use u as a guinea pig :P best luck buddy!I am sure u will rock!!

  5. @Stranger - Thanks mate..I see your gmat date from your count down..wish you luck...and yeah you could very well use my gmat results only if it could act as a motivation..hope u get what i mean:)..fingers crossed...

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