Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did One week pass by already?

I cannot believe if a week has 7 days, a day has 24 hours, a hour has 60 minutes and a minute has 60 seconds :-)...I somehow feel last week passed in one blink of my witnessing time running past me..

Not sure if it is a good or bad sign..but definitely bad in one lagging behind my so called 'Ultimate plan' by one day...yeah i named my last three weeks plan as 'Ultimate Plan' :-)..

I cannot see the reason because of a unrealistic is very well achievable with limited hours per day concentrating on 'Quality' and not on 'Quantity'..Maybe i want to blame it on my mind getting distracted or rather wanted to spend some time with friends which I did almost the whole day yesterday(with GMAT always lingering in back of my head posing questions such as - (1) am i doing justice to myself (2) Is this time really worth spent etc..) ...

anyways keeping the past aside will try to cover up my one day..with GMAT nearing very fast this might be my last post before GMAT..all the best for my fellow bloggers who have their test before my gmat date(i guess not many are there)...


  1. good gmatprep score !!
    good luck for the 7th july..

    one unasked not over burn yourself in the last week. remember the athlete's preparation funda, which is discussed in many forums..

    good luck again ..

  2. @Noor Vaishnav - Thanks a lot!! Sure would consider your advice and implement it...