Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a weekend

I had to go out of town this Friday for some personal reasons. I thought, would study more on Saturday (that's today) to even out for what happened on Friday, but what happened till now really disappointed me. Came back to town today morning around 6.

When I reached home, my brain and my mind were in complete dissonance but finally my body obeyed my brain to go for sleep. With no breakfast, after some sports and business updates I just hit the bed. I woke up to have lunch and hit the bed again - yeah that's true I was completely tired and lack of sleep. Evening - went out with my friend. Just back home sitting in front of my laptop thinking 'what a productive weekend it had been till now' - '0' hours of GMAT for 2 complete days. Wow is this going to land you in top B school. No way. Have to get back to my preps now.

And don't worry about this post. I just wanted a place to vent out what my mind had. so this is it. Now am little relaxed. Could concentrate and study better if at all i do it today.


  1. don't worry..sometimes,we should let these things happen!!but ya,"sometimes" ;)

  2. @Stranger - Thats true.. the moment i felt its happening more than sometimes i booked my gmat date :)