Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my first gmat prep

well i should say my first gmatprep score did came in as a surprise. with one month of prep in hand i expected any score above 680 and following that to contrive a way to reach 740+ levels.

i would say LSAT CR's and RC's did really help me. even though sometimes i still hit only 60% success rate in LSAT exercises i strongly believe it really helped me in improving my reasoning and reading skills. also working on the complex and wordy lsat problems made the work easier in gmat..

the scores did really boosted my confidence levels. am really happy for a gain of 120 points from my first powerprep score on April last week. I would try hitting the upper circuit now. btw am aware that improving a score of 720 to 740+ levels is more tougher than improving a score from 600 to 720. It reminds me of 'Do it Nothing is easier'. fingers crossed.

GMATprep 1 split
Quants - 47 this was a real surprise - since i didnt start my quants prep till now :-)
verbal - 41
agg - 720
I guess this is the first time in any test i made less mistakes in verbal compared to quants.


  1. i envy you... i wish ANY of my scores were that high! in due time in due time

  2. Congratulate you!
    Like Richard I envy you. (quants part is easy… but verbal not ) I can not understand why Indian guys gat so high score, spending little time??? Without studying every night during half of year???

  3. Hi Mate!
    nice to read the blog.
    when are u planing to take the test?


  4. @Nick - I would say there is a sampling flaw in your argument considering the number of Indian guys who take the test :-) Just kidding. tried to relate it with CR.

    Am not sure about others but for me lot of time did went in. am certainly not in that batch of people who get it in less time. i wish i am.

  5. @Richard - Though i was confident with the answers I really want to check on my consistency with a subsequent test. am planning to take a MGMAT or Princeton soon.

  6. @KK - Thanks. If consistent with 740+ scores in practice tests, am planning to hit it sometime this month end.

  7. awesome score! and in a very short prep time.

  8. @Richard, @aimingformba - Thanks

  9. Quant 47 without any preparation?Wow..!!You must be a born engineer!!!!Keep it up buddy :)

  10. Achilles, the practice sets you did during the month of April, what book were they from?

  11. @Stranger - Though I agree am bit strong in maths but 'born engineer' would be too high a remark:) as I said Richard I would be taking a full length soon just to make sure it is not one of a performances. will keep posted on my next results.

  12. @aimingformba - Main materials - Princeton, Manhattan-Sentence-Correction-Guide, Critical Reasoning Bible, and some learning materials from my hard disk(taken from net). Practice - kaplan, kap800, lsat, verbal sets and OG11. I guess pretty much same as the most???

  13. Wow that's great. without preparation you have score 740+.

    GMAT Critical Reasoning

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